Work to Win!

The American Way of Business


Your success in the US business environment is the focus of this course. It's about knowing how Americans do business - and how to use this knowledge to your benefit. Whether you work with Americans on the phone, via e-mail, or face to face, whether you are in Europe or living in the USA, this course will increase your effectiveness in dealing with US Americans. Your partner accompanying you on your foreign assignment will also find this course valuable. Special sections in this training are designed to help make your partner's daily life in America easier to manage, more rewarding and, of course, more enjoyable! In this seminar you will have the opportunity to prepare yourself to both understand and work with the way Americans carry out daily business and daily life.


  • North American Business Culture and Mental Models
  • Motivation Methods
  • Meetings, Teamwork, Brainstorming, Facing Challenges
  • Basic Skills for Presentations and Negotiations
  • Leading Discussions and Feedback
  • Understanding Quality and Customer Service American Style
  • Conflict Management
  • Daily Life Situations, Smalltalk, Friendship, Education


Upon completion of this course, you:

  • are able to work more effectively with US American colleagues, business partners and customers.
  • can capitalize on and synergize with the differences in European (country by country) and American problem solving style.
  • understand the US approach to teamwork.
  • can build trust and credibility with your American employees and co-workers.
  • are able to give feedback the American way. are able to manage different styles of conflict resolution.
  • are able to develop strategies to maximize your potential in the US work arena.
  • understand and work with the different communication needs of your American employees and co-workers.

Target Group

Managers, sales people, service and technical experts who:

  • have contact with US North American business partners
  • are going to move to US North America with partner and/or family on expatriate work assignment


You should be able to understand an easy, "everyday" conversation in English. You do not have to be able to speak English well, this is not an English course! Instructors are also fluent in German and French. The course will be led in English.